Language English
Teacher Dr. M. Postma-NilsenovaN.J.E. van Noord MA
Exam 2 individual practical assignments (20% each) & written final exam (60%)
Review (2016-2017)
What did you think of the course?

The course was very interesting. It had a more practical perspective than other courses, which I liked. You’re working with Orange, a very easy to understand program to process data.


Since a lot of students in the course were premasters who were obliged to take the course and had practically no background knowledge about the subject, the lecturer had a fairly slow pace in explaining the material. The assignments were slightly harder than expected, but still manageable.


Data Science is different from other courses I had at CIS, since you’re working with real data in a practical manner. You get a theoretical perspective on data science (through the lectures) as well as a practical perspective (through working with Orange).

Less positive:

The lecturers were often late with grading the assignments (and the exam).


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