Language English
Teacher Dr. K.A. de Rooij, A. Schraffenberger
Exam Group research project (70%), individual assignments (30%)
Review (2016-2017)
What did you think of the course?

Human Computer Interaction is a course with a lot of practical elements. There’s no exam, because you are mostly busy doing research and making assignments. Alwin van Rooij and Hanna Schraffenberger give this course together and do that well. It feels like being in HBO, but that’s also nice after all the typical listening classes. You learn to make a persona, create an app and make a working prototype. There are some individual assignments in which you will work on a project and write a report. There is a final group assignment in which you’ll study interaction with your prototype. It was very interesting, especially for people interested in HAIT/CSAI. It was nice to really make something in a small group.


The workload is evenly divided over the whole semester. Personally, I think it is very nice to have a course without an exam, because it makes the exam week calmer. The individual assignments were a few hours of work. The group assignment was a lot of work, but it was fun to do. You can make your own prototype and come up with a study. The teachers were flexible.


It was really nice to have a practical course. The teachers made the courses interactive and give small assignments to learn about computer interaction. You’re guided through the project and get enough time for it. There are feedback moments, which make it doable to complete the course.

Less positive:

Because there was no exam, you do not really know the theory. Some people thought it was too practical. The course asks for creativity when drawing and designing the app. I was not good with that, but it was not a big problem.


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