Language English
Teacher Dr. M.M. van Zaanendr. K.A. de Rooij
Exam Written exam (60%), group assignments (40%)
Review (2016-2017)
What did you think of the course?

Very instructive and interesting. This course really highlights the relationship between and features of communication and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Each lecture had a different theme. In seven weeks, we had accumulated knowledge of the global aspects of this discipline. Also, you could see that both teachers possessed great knowledge, so they could properly answer your questions. Since everything was discussed elaborately in class, the lectures were pretty exhausting. If you are interested in Informatics, I would recommend you to choose this course!


The workload was fine. But if you don’t know much about Informatics, the group project might be hard for you.


The teachers have a lot of knowledge, they can give you in-depth information and can answer your questions. The diversity within the course was very nice.

Less positive:

Not all examples were up to date: screenshots of websites or collection techniques were outdated or obsolete. Perhaps the amount of information is a little out of balance, sometimes it was more overkill. At the exam there was not much freedom in describing phenomena (you had to cite a definition as literally as possible).


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