Study association Flow consists of multiple committees, each one responsible for organizing either formal or informal activities. These committees again consist of a couple of Flow members with a Commissioner to lead them.

Being an active member of Flow does not only guarantee a good time, but is very useful as well! What better way to learn how to work together, contact companies and expand your network than organizing multiple activities throughout the year? Also worth mentioning is our annual Committee Battle, during which all committees compete against each other in all kinds of mini games, only to call themselves the Winner of that year’s Committee Battle!

You can learn more about each individual committee (who’s in ‘em, what do they do) by reading about them on their pages. To contact them, check out their contact information below:


First Year Committee:
Formal Activity Committee:
inFlow Committee:
Informal Activity Committee:
Introduction Committee:
Premaster & Master Committee:
Promo Committee:
Study Trip Commitee:
Symposium Commitee:
Web Committee:
Weekend Committee:


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