Linux Beginners Workshop

Dear computer enthusiasts!

Maybe you have been on one side of this argument before: Apple or Windows? Which one is superior? Well, some of us think they are both just terrible. Luckily, there are countless more options to choose from. The stereotype about Linux is that it is only accessible to hardcore geeks, but we think otherwise.

On Monday December 3rd from 18:45 until 20:30, the Futurism Committee organizes a Linux workshop for beginners, where we will give you the basics! Sign up through the form below!

Note: this workshop is free for members of Flow. Non-members will be charged a fee of €2,50.

Before coming to the workshop, please make sure you have a working instance of a Linux operating system on your laptop and have your laptop fully charged.
Here is how to install it in a virtual machine in Windows:
And on a Mac:

Location: Pz051


The registrations have closed.


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