The semester has been going on for a while and the amount of deadlines is increasing. Therefore, on February the 26th the Sports and Games Committee will organize their next activity: bouldering! In contrast to regular wall climbing, you don’t need a rope or harness. The climbing routes are a bit like puzzles that you solve using technique, creative thinking and strength.

If you want to participate in this activity, then you can register yourself below. We will start at approximately 17:00h and we will be done at 18:45h. For members, it only costs €14,00 to go bouldering with Flow. This includes entrance to Block013, rental shoes and an instructor. You can sign up from February the 12th 15:00h until February the 21st 15.00h, and it is possible to deregister without costs until the 22nd of February 15:00h. Disclaimer: don’t hesitate with your registration, because only limited places are available.

The registrations are closed.


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