Futurism Discussion Club | The Moral Implications of Determinism

Many of you are somewhat familiar with the age-old debate of determinism versus free will. Philosophical attempts have been made to resolve the debate, or even reconcile the two, as seen by the compatibilist approach. As science progresses and new information and analyses shed new light on old arguments, we would like to go a step further and discuss the moral implications of a deterministic world.

This event will have a simple structure where a short presentation is given, followed by a discussion amongst the participants. The presentation will briefly cover the current state of the deterministic worldview, before moving on to what this means for morality. Does the absence of true agency eliminate responsibility? Is it possible or even likely to develop either one universal or multiple, compatible moral frameworks between societies?

In addition to questions such as these, we will also look at the value of metaphors (such as religious stories) in guiding human action – also in the context of determinism.

The session will take place in the campus cafĂ© Tilbury’s from 16:45h until 18:30h on Wednesday the 6th of March. Since our last discussion club event was a success, we hope that you will enjoy this one too!
Feel free to show up and share your view and learn a little in the process!


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