Excursion La Trappe

On Monday 15 April, the Premaster and Master Commission organizes an informal activity to La Trappe! During this visit to La Trappe a private tour will be given by the brewery where you can learn more about the origins of La Trappe and the brewing process of the Trappist beers.

The guided tour will take place from 17.00h-18.30h and we will gather at 16.15h at the Esplanade building to leave for La Trappe by bike. So make sure you arrange your own bike that evening. The costs for members are 10 euros and for non-members 12 euros. The price includes the guided tour and a drink of your choice. The tour will be in English. Registration is possible until 11 April at 23.59h. You can deregister for free until the 12th of April 15:00h. The money will be automatically debitted in the week of April 19.


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