Handpicked Agencies Hackathon

Big data, how do we cope with it? Due to the continuous flow of information both individuals and companies receive, it might be difficult to detect relevant changes in it. During the Hackathon, Flow organizes in cooperation with Handpicked Agencies, you will be learning about this and much more. After some explanation on the subject by a speaker of IBM, we will work on a case in groups of students, marketeers and technicians. Since both the marketing and the technical side of the case will be discussed, the Hackathon will be interesting for CIS as well as CSAI students.

The hackathon takes place at Monday the 29th of April at the office of Handpicked Agencies in Breda and starts at 16:15. Handpicked Agencies will provide us with pizza and drinks during the event. After the Hackathon, around 9:00 PM, all the participants are invited to have a drink. An exciting event with both educative and fun sides!

Note: Non-members pay €2,50 for the hackathon. You can register until the 19h of April.

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