Looking for Mentors, Handyman, and Cameraman!

Dear Flow’ers,

From the 30th of August until the 1st of September the Flow’s famous, annual Introduction Weekend will take place. This year the theme will be ‘Flow’s Rumble in the Jungle’ and it will be an amazing weekend. To ensure this, we need help from several mentors, a handyman and a cameraman to guide the groups and help the committee when needed. This implies:

As mentor (dad or mom) you take care of a group of freshmen, with whom you will experience the whole weekend. They can ask you questions about the student life, study and university. You will be the one to guide this group, make sure everyone cooperates and has a weekend they will never forget. There are no requirements to become a mentor, only that you are in possession of a bike in Tilburg. Additionally, it is important that you are enthusiastic and want to participate in all the activities.

As handyman you are the helper of the committee. The Introduction Committee has done all the preparations and it is your task to help them during the weekend. You will play a crucial part in the main storyline, help setting things up, cleaning up and you will also contribute to delivering an amazing weekend. To be a handyman you need to be in possession of a drivers’ license for at least one year and it is important you are not afraid to roll up your sleeves and pitch in.

Last but not least we need a cameraman (or woman)! Flow is developing in the area of video content, so a great after movie of the Introduction Weekend is a must. It would be great if you have some experience in filming and editing. Finally, you have an enthusiastic attitude to ensure an incredible weekend!

Does this appeal to you and do you want to apply as mentor, handy- or cameraman? You can register up and until the 26th of May! Participating as a mentor, handy- or cameraman will cost approximately €20,-, due to residence and food. You will receive more information about this later.

The registrations are closed.


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