Application training by Brunel

*This training will be given in Dutch*

In a few weeks you will graduate and start looking for a job. But how do you find your dream function? Applying for a job is not only about (technical) skills that you learned during your study, but it is also about you as a person behind these skills. Who are you, what do you consider as important in life, and what is your position in a team? These are examples of questions that will definitely be asked during a job application, so it is important that you know how to tackle these questions. Besides that, nowadays a paper version of your resume it not sufficient anymore. An online version, like LinkedIn, is far more important. But how do you know which important should be on your online resume? To prepare you for a strong job application, Brunel will give a job application training on Monday the 27th of May on the campus of Tilburg University. This is the opportunity to learn about the ins and outs of applying for a job, and to improve your application skills. The training will start at 16.45 and ends at 18.30. You can sign up until Sunday the 26th of May (23.59). The training will be given in Dutch, but we are doing our best to arrange an international training as well.

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