Flow clothes

Next week, it is International wear-as-many-as-possible-Flow-clothes-as-you-have-day again! Would you like to expand you Flow-wardrobe? Then this is the perfect time! If you order before Tuesday the 21st of May 09:00h, your clothing will arrive before the International wear-as-many-as-possible-Flow-clothes-as-you-have-day, and you will be able to shine in your new shirt, sweater, cap, or any other item that you would like.

You can buy items in the webshop during the whole year. There is something for everyone: whether you have you always wanted to be part of the Flow blue army on a cantus, or you just want a comfi cardigan.

TIP: if you are a member of Flow you get a discount on the association clothing! So, make sure you are logged in when you place your order!


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