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The academic year is coming to an end and the committees are organizing their last activities. Flow is still looking for a group of commissioners (chairmen of committees) who will lead the committees and form the General Board. Since many committees are having their last activities, trips, weekends and get-togethers it is time for the commissioners to hand the baton. For the year 2019-2020 Flow is looking for enthusiastic people who would like to lead the many committees of Flow.

Flow is looking for the following commissioners: Futurism Committee and Symposium Committee.


What does a year as a commissioner entail?

All of our standing committees are led by commissioners. As a commissioner, you are responsible for the functioning of your committee and you chair the committee meetings. Together with the treasurer, you draw up an annual budget in advance and ensure that you comply with it. You will be responsible for drawing up step-by-step plans and manuals for the activities you organize with your committee, taking into account issues such as time demarcation, budget and lists of participants. In addition, as a commissioner, you are, of course, trying to raise the committee as a whole to an even higher level. You also participate in the monthly General Board meeting, where you represent your committee and discuss the course of events with the other supervisory directors and the Daily Board. After all, you are not only a commissioner, but also a member of the General Board!


Are you suitable for a commissioner position?

If you are looking for a challenge in addition to your studies and are prepared to take responsibility for a committee and for Flow as an association, then perhaps a year as a commissioner is something for you! During a year on the General Board you will learn important skills such as leadership, planning and effective meetings. It is also a fine distraction from your study, because in addition to being instructive, it also involves a lot of fun activities.

Does this seem like something you would want to do and would you like to lead one of our committees? You can sign up as a commissioner! Do you want a better understanding of the specific tasks of every commissioner? Then check our General Board page. Click on the pictures to get more information about the functions.

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You can apply up until June 25th 2019.

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