Video Editing Workshop

Did you edit homevideos when you were younger, but do you want to learn how to be better at editing? Is that new editing-software “way too difficult” for you? Then register for our video-editing workshop!

On Thursday 12 September, the Web Committee of Study Association Flow will organize their first activity. During this event, Mathijs Leenheer will explain the basics of editing using the free software DaVinci Resolve by Blackmagic Design. You have to use your own laptop during this event. Please know that DaVinci Resolve can be quite demanding for your laptop. If you think that this software is too heavy for your laptop, you can still sign up for this activity, but you’ll probably have to work together with another student.

During the workshop, Mathijs will show some examples with clips of Flow, but we cannot share these clips with you, due to the GDPR. It’s of course even more fun for you to work with your own clips, so make sure you have those stored on your laptop before the workshop. If you do not have any footage that you can use during the workshop, we will post a folder with some “stock”-clips that you can download before the workshop.

We will provide you with tips for your workflow, tips for good titles, but also advice for how to film your footage properly.

Interested? The workshop will take place from 16:45 until 18:30 in Cube 223. The registrations are open until 10 September 23:59. If you have any questions, you can send an e-mail to This activity is free for members of Flow, but it will cost €2,50 for non-members of the association.

The registrations are closed.


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