Did you just graduate and are you looking for a job? Or have you been an alumnus of Flow for a while not, and is your company looking for recently graduated students? Then join Flows LinkedIn alumni groups!

The goal of these groups is to actively involve our alumni network with the activities of our association. Through LinkedIn we hope to strengthen the contact with our members, old members, sponsors and other companies, in a way that benefits everyone. We hope you will make active use of this group and that it will give positive results for those involved. Some of the uses for this group are: to post internships or job applications by alumni or sponsors (/other companies); improving the contact between alumni and companies and amongst alumni; notifications about alumni events; and as a means for Flow to approach alumni for, for example partaking in symposia, lectures, business events and more.

To offer internships or vacancies to alumni, feel free to use these groups, this way you alumni can help one another out. To offer internships or vacancies to the current students, you can contact us via externalaffairs@svflow.nl or you can send us a private message. If you want to receive emails about our alumni events, you can register here: https://www.svflow.nl/alumni. Please invite as much alumni as possible, this way we can make these groups useful!

For CSAI, DS&S, DSB&G and HAIT alumni: click this link

For BDM, NMD, T&C and C&C alumni: click this link