Dear Flow members,

Sinterklaas is almost back in the Netherlands! This year Sinterklaas will visit our yearly Sintercantus again. So who has been sweet will get candy, and who has been naughty gets …!
Be there on the 20th of November at Bet Kolen to celebrate the birthday of Sinterklaas together with Sinterklaas and the IFAC-petes. The Sintercantus will start at 20:00, so make sure you are on time.

The Sintercantus will be inclusive, so you don’t need to bring extra money to pay for your drinks. As for the drinks, you can either choose a ‘beer included’ package for 20 euros, or a ‘soda included’ package for 15 euros. So there are plenty of reasons to come and join us to celebrate the birthday of the one and only Sinterklaas!

Sign up and don’t miss it!

Kind regards,

Sinterklaas & the IFAC-petes

Registrations will open on the 4th of November, 10:00, and will close on the 15th of November, 12:00.
Deregistration will be possible free of charge until the 18th of November, 12:00.