n Wednesday November 27th, time has come to announce 2020s study trip destination! Of course, this is a valid reason to have a drink together. We’ll do this in a well suited theme: I’m going on a trip and I’m taking with me… So pack your suitcases, umbrellas and compasses and travel to Klein Café Van Horen Zeggen on November 27th from 21:30h onwards!

New registration system

From this year on you can apply online for the study trip. After the announcement, the application form will open on the website at 12:00h on Thursday 28 November. The application form closes on Monday 2 December at 10:00h. There will be a separate page for the applications. After you have applied online, you will have to visit one of the three registration days, where you confirm your registration by signing the registration form for the trip with your signature. Please note: your registration is not yet final if you have only applied online.

The registration days will be on these dates:

  • Tuesday 3 December 12:00h-15:00h in RTZ303
  • Wednesday 4 December 12:00h-15:00h in RTZ303
  • Thursday 5 December 11:00h-16:00h in RTZ103