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The new semester has just started and that’s why we would like to elaborate once more on the support we can offer to our members! Flow is more than free summaries and discounts on books, so be sure to take some time to see if we can offer you something extra.

The tutoring page has been updated! From now on we will let you know through this page in which subjects tutoring is offered, so you only have to check if it’s already there. If the course in which you would like to take tutoring is not yet listed, you can always send an e-mail to Internal Affairs. If you would like to give tutoring lessons, you can sign up at the bottom of the new page.

Course reviews
Not sure yet which electives you want to take in the next semester? Many members write down ” course evaluations ” on our website. They give an honest picture of what it was like to follow the course. Take a look among the many course reviews, or send in one yourself.

Choice Tracks
Together with teachers from CIW, Flow has developed a selection aid for first-year CIW students who do not yet know which track they want to choose. By using the decision aid, they can gain more insight into what which track offers.

You can view all forms of educational support on the Education-page.