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We’re doing another Netflix Party, due to the success of the previous one. We will post a Instagram Story on the 31st of March where you can enter movies that you want to watch. The Board will choose five movies from the input on which you can vote in the Flow App on the Netflix Party-page. You can find this page in the main menu of the App.

At 20:00 on Thursday the 9th of April, we will watch a movie with Netflix Party. This bit of software makes sure that you’re watching the same movie at the same time and also incorporates a chat room so everyone can chat during the movie.

Netflix Party is a extension for Google Chrome which you need to install beforehand.

How does it work?

Go to Google Chrome and intstall this extension. You will see the following icon in your browser when it’s installed:

Button for Netflix Party

You can also install this extension in Microsoft Edge on Windows and macOS, but we haven’t tested if it will work properly.

At 19:55, we will post a link on this page which will bring you to the show that we’re going to watch.
You can vote in the Flow App.

Note: no presence points for the Flowmission will be awarded for this acitvity.