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On the 23rd of March 2020, the Dutch government announced that the measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus will become even more strict. These stricter measures include that it is prohibited to have social gatherings or activities until (at least) June 1st. This means that we, with great sadness, have no other option than to cancel all further activities that were planned before that date. If you have any questions about this, do not hesitate to contact a Daily Board member or commissioner.

Committee meetings and other gatherings that have to take place, can still take place via Skype or any other conference calling platform. Lastly, we encourage you to follow the rules of the government and the RIVM, and we hope you stay safe and healthy during these trying times. 💙💛

Last night, Tilburg University gave a new update on the measures concerning the coronavirus. The update reads as follows:

The Cabinet decided today that educational activities may no longer take place at universities and colleges of higher education. The Executive Board has taken a number of measures that are effective immediately and apply until 31 March.

  • There will no longer be lectures on location, only online. Lecturers will, however, be able to make use of livestream facilities in the rooms.
  • All examinations on location will be cancelled. Tilburg University will let students know as soon as possible how it will deal with the consequences of canceling exams.
  • Students can continue to make use of the lending function of the library and the collection possibilities in our restaurants. There are a limited number of self-study places available.
  • Promotions continue with less than 100 attendees.

These new measures, which are on top of previous ones, have major consequences for our primary process, which we very much regret. It requires a lot of flexibility from both our staff and students. Government policy is necessary to counter the risk of spreading the virus.

(Source: Tilburg University, 13-03-2020)

On account of the measures taken by Tilburg University, the Daily Board has decided that the Flow Office will also remain closed until the 31st of March. We will see per activity whether it can still take place. Check the activities page regularly to see if an activity is still happening.

Due to the closure of the Flow Office, the association cannot be reached by telephone. If you have any questions, please contact us through WhatsApp (+31 013 466 4255) or via In addition, you can contact specific board members via the contact list on the contact page.

Update 16-03

The Flow office will be closed until the 6th of April.

The Flow Office will be closed on Friday the 13th of March, 2020. The Flow Office will re-open on Monday the 16th of March, unless communicated otherwise. At the moment we are looking carefully per activity to see if we can let it continue.

Flow keeps a close eye on the news concerning the coronavirus. Because our association is active in the region in the Netherlands with the most infections, we take the advice of the University and the RIVM seriously. Through this message we give more information about how we as an association (will) deal with this situation.

The current statement of the RIVM reads:

“The RIVM asks residents of North Brabant with a cold, who have a cough or fever, to avoid their social contacts as much as possible. For example, work at home, do not visit others or go to places where many people gather. If you have complaints and still want to leave home, try to keep as much distance from others as possible. This will reduce the chance of the virus spreading unnoticed. Only call your family doctor if your symptoms get worse”.

We would like to ask everyone to listen to this advice and not to come to the University or Flow Office if you have symptoms of illness. We also ask everyone to follow the new advice of the central government and to work from home as much as possible in the coming week. Of course, the Flow Office will remain open, but the Board will ask you to go home if you show any of the above symptoms.

All upcoming activities will continue for the time being. If there are any changes, they will always be posted as soon as possible on the information page of the event on the Website and on the event page on Facebook.