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Unfortunately, everyone now has to study from home, which does not allow you to prepare optimally for your exams. Flow therefore offers the possibility to download summaries or to find someone to tutor you.


At Flow you can buy summaries written by students who have followed the course themselves. This way, the summaries can be a useful addition to the reading material and your own notes while learning. The nice thing is that all summaries are free for members. If you download three summaries you already have your membership fee for one year covered. You don’t have to become a member per se: you can also buy summaries for €5 each.

Making money by selling your summaries

Are you writing your own summary for a course? You can sell the summary to Flow. You can earn up to €17,50 for a summary. You can send your summary via this page on the website.


Unfortunately, it is not possible to organize face-to-face tutoring at the moment, but help can still be provided via Skype (or other video call applications). That is why we keep our tutoring platform open, on the condition that the students who want to make use of it do not physically meet each other, so that you always comply with the measures of the Government and the RIVM.