For now, we hope that the Introduction Weekend can still take place. Should this not be possible due to the measures regarding COVID-19, then the payment obligation for everyone who registers for the weekend will be cancelled.

Would you like to experience the best holidays in one weekend and also introduce the upcoming freshmen to Flow? Are you someone who likes to make the upcoming freshmen enthusiastic, help the committee, play and mix music or do you like to take photos and film? Then the introduction committee is looking for you! Register as a mom, dad, manus, DJ or camera(wo)man during Flow’s Holiday Introduction Weekend that takes place from Friday August 28 till Sunday August 30. What will you be doing?

Mentor: As a mom or dad you guide a group of freshmen during the weekend. As a mom / dad you are the enthusiast who makes the freshmen excited for the activities that are planned this weekend. You are also a to-go person for freshmen and they can come to you with questions about the study, studying in Tilburg and Flow. There are no requirements to register as a mom/dad, but you should have a bicycle at your disposal during this weekend. Of course, you also have to participate in all activities during the weekend and take the lead in your group.

Manus: As a manus, you are the right hand of the committee. The committee has done the preparations for the Introduction Weekend and it is your job to assist them during the weekend. You will have a crucial role in our committee, for example you will have to help us prepare and clean up games/activities, help cooking and you will also have to make sure that the new freshmen have an unforgettable weekend. As a manus, you will need to have your drivers license for at least one year and it is important that you love to keep up the hard work.

DJ: We are still looking for a DJ for the weekend. As a DJ you make sure we have great parties during the weekend. You take care of the music during the day and in the evening you make sure that we all turn into dancing queens.

Camera(wo)man: Furthermore, we are looking for someone to fulfill the position of cameraman/woman. Flow is developing tremendously in the field of videos and a good Introweekend aftermovie should not be lacking. It is useful if you have some experience with filming and editing. You should also show enthusiasm for Flow to make sure it will be a beautiful weekend!

Does this appeal to you and do you want to sign up as a mentor, manus or cameraman?
Then sign up before May 21st! Participation in the Introweekend as a mentor, manus, DJ or cameraman will cost €20.00 because of the stay and food. You will receive more information about this later.