ASAP: AI to Save the Planet

FruitPunch AI is hostingĀ ASAP: AI to Save the Planet. During this online event, you will work together in a team with others to come up with an AI powered solution for climate change. At the end of the competition, the winning teams will get help from the partners of FruitPunch AI to put their ideas into practice.

After the event, the Futurism-committee will host an online discussion club to talk about our findings during the event. This will also be the last event ever of the Futurism-committee, so make sure you don’t miss it! A Zoom-link for this discussion club will be posted on this page.

Do you want to join us? Then first sign up for ASAP here. You have to register for this free ticket to get into the event.

What happened to the Future of Futurism event?

The Future of the Futurism-event is not cancelled, but we will do the discussion partĀ after ASAP. Here is the link: