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Ho ho ho! It’s December already, which means that Christmas is almost there! Since Christmas will be different this year, the Promotion Committee wanted to help to strengthen the Christmas spirit among Flow members. Until Wednesday the 9th of December, 23:59h, you can therefore register for Santa’s Mail Service. This means that you can send a Christmas card to a fellow Flow member and you will receive one back! You can decide yourself on what kind of card you want to send: e.g. you can craft it yourself or buy it in a (online) store. If you want to, you can also add a small present, but nothing is mandatory. Around Friday the 11th of December you will receive an email that tells you to whom you have to send your card. After that, you have until Friday December 18th to send it. However, who will send a Christmas card to you will remain a surprise! Register quickly and you will soon hear who will get your card in their mailbox!


Registrations will close on the 9th of December, 23:59h.