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Are you good at unraveling unresolved cases, and do you enjoy an exciting adventure? Then from Monday the 4th of January until Monday the 11th of January, you have the chance to unmask the imposters in the Real-Life Werewolves Game! It will be a fun low-key game to play after the Christmas break.

In the game, a small town is being haunted by werewolves. These werewolves come to the little town at night and ‘kill’ one of the inhabitants. During the day the inhabitants find out that they lost someone over night. A town meeting is called together in which everybody is allowed to vote, for who they think is responsible for the horror happening in the town. The person with the most votes is then eliminated.

At the start of the game, everybody will be assigned a role. Your task is to use your role wisely, and not be discovered, especially when you are indeed one of the werewolves! Join the Real-Life Werewolves Game, and find out which role you play… The game will be played via WhatsApp, so make sure you are okay with joining a new WhatsApp group. You can register until Thursday the 24th of December, 23:59h. Sign up now and play along!


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