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Now that 2020 is (finally?) almost behind us, time has come to look forward to all the beautiful things 2021 will offer us! The Daily Board would like you to join them during an old-fashioned, cozy New Year’s Drink. On Wednesday, the 13th of January, the Daily Board will be proposing a toast to celebrate the new year from 20:00h onwards. To create the ultimate New Year’s Drink experience you can choose to order the New Year’s Drink package! This package is yours for only €5,-, and includes food and drinks! The package will be delivered at your home, by the Daily Board, on the 13th of January.

During the drink, everybody will kick off together in a Zoom meeting, where you will all join the toast on the new year. After the toast, you can enjoy the content of your own package in a smaller group! If you would like to meet up with a specific group during the drink, you can let the Daily Board know in the registration form.

It is possible to register for the drink until the 11th of January 2021, 17:00h. Do you want to join the drink on the 13th of January 2021? Sign up now!


Please note: Drink packages can only be delivered in Tilburg!