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Do you want to actively play an outdoor game corona proof with your fellow Flow members? Then grab the chance to win Capture the Flag with your team. The game will take place from Monday the 1st of March until Thursday the 4th of March. In this exciting competition, 20-25 highlights in Tilburg are transformed into conquering spots. The goal is to take pictures with your team at the most highlights as quickly as possible. If someone of your team is the first of the day to conquer a highlight, your flag will be placed at this conquest point for the rest of the day. The following day, all highlights are free to be conquered again and whoever has the most points on Thursday night wins Capture the Flag. For the sake of clarity, group formation is not intended. Go out alone or with someone from your own bubble, such as a roommate. Also, if you run into other Flow members, please maintain the RIVM rules, such as keeping your distance. Furthermore, the game will be played through a WhatsApp group. The registrations will be open until the 25th of February, 23:59h.


The registrations are closed.