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General Information

This year’s Association Weekend will take place in the weekend of Friday the 7th, Saturday the 8th and Sunday the 9th of May! The theme for the Association Weekend 2021 will be: Flow’s Murder Mystery!

At the beginning of the weekend, there will be a horrible murder that has to be solved within three days. By participating in the activities you collect hints and tips to find out who did it. Will you and your group find the truth in time? We’ll see…

The registrations will open on the 16th of April at 12:00h and will close a week later, on the 23rd of April, 23:59h. Register quickly in order to make sure you can attend the Association Weekend, because there are a limited number of spots available. There will be a waiting list available for the Association Weekend.

Program Information

At this moment, the committee is still taking several scenarios into account, so not much can be said yet on which activities will be held online or offline. So please keep in mind that the activities can change at the last moment.

Nevertheless, some details can already be revealed:

  • It will be a lot of fun (duh).
  • You will get one breakfast and one dinner (depending on the situation you have to prepare the dinner yourself).
  • There will be a tasting. But we are not revealing the kind of tasting yet…
  • All offline versions of activities will take place in Tilburg or on a cycling distance from Tilburg.
  • The Association Weekend will cost €7,50. If you do not want the breakfast, the Weekend will cost you €5,00.
  • If there is still a curfew during the Association Weekend, all evening activities will end somewhat sooner, so everybody has enough time to return to their homes on time.

If you have any more questions about the Association Weekend, you can send an e-mail to


The registrations will close on the 23th of April, 23:59h.

The registrations are closed.

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