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April is usually a month a lot of Flow members look forward to due to the study trip. Even though it is not possible to take you on a study trip, it is possible to bring a bit of the study trip to you! Do you have knowledge about the different corners of the world? Do you want to try snacks from abroad and are you a bit competitive? Then the Cultural Quiz is the activity for you.

On Monday the 12th of April, 19:30h, the Study Trip Committee organizes the Cultural Quiz. During the quiz, you battle with your team against the others to earn the most points. Make sure you keep your knowledge ready and are prepared for all the questions. The team that has the most points will win a prize! Team up with a maximum of two others (max. 2 different households when meeting physically) and think of a catchy team name. Make sure you sign up individually and all fill in the same team name!

To enjoy the international snacks as well, a snack box can be ordered for only €1,50! The packages will be delivered within the borders of Tilburg. You can sign up for the activity with a snack box until Wednesday the 7th of April, 23:59h, and without a snack box until Sunday the 11th of April, 23:59h. It is recommended to prepare your mind and prepare your taste buds to be blown away!


There are two registration forms created for this activity. Fill in the one which is of use for you! The two forms differ in whether a snack box is included or not.

Without a Snack Box

Registrations without a snack box are open until Sunday the 11th of April, 23:59h

The registrations without a snack box are closed.

With a Snack Box

The snack boxes will only be delivered in Tilburg.

Registrations with a snack box are open until Wednesday the 7th of April, 23:59h.

The registrations with a snack box are closed.