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Hey freshman! Feel like playing a unique game for some distraction during lectures? The Introduction Committee has the perfect game for you!

From Monday the 10th of May till Wednesday the 12th of May, the Introduction Committee organizes the fantastic Se(a)cret Chair game! In secret, the participants are separated into two groups: Flow and Wave. Everybody has to keep their identity a secret. During the game the members of Wave together with the Se(a)cret Chair are going to try to take over Flow.

Is your team going to be able to maintain Flow’s power? Or are the members of Wave going to succeed to take it away… Join the game and discover who can fool everybody, or who sees straight through all the lies and finds out who the Se(a)cret Chair is. Register before the 7th of May, 23:59h. Register now, and join the games!


The registrations are open until the 7th of May, 23:59h.

The registrations are closed.