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On May 24th, it is the International Wear-As-Many-Flow-Clothes-As-You-Have-Day! Since Whit Monday will be on May 24th, we will celebrate the International Wear-As-Many-Flow-Clothes-As-You-Have-Day on Tuesday, May 25th.

On this day, as the name of the event already tells, you can wear all your beautiful Flow clothes and gadgets. The person who posts a picture in the Facebook event while wearing the most association clothes and accessories, will win a nice prize. To make the judging a little easier, we want to ask you to name all the items you’re wearing.

More is better!

Do you still need some more association clothing and accessories to win the prize? You can order some new items via our webshop.

Stay posted!

Participate via the event on Facebook! If you do not have an account on Facebook? Please send in your picture to