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From Friday the 3rd of  September until Sunday the 5th of September, the legendary Introduction Weekend of Flow will take place again. This year’s theme of the weekend is (drum roll) ‘Flow’s Retro Party‘! Of course, we can’t do this without the help of some mentors, a manus, a DJ, and a cameraman. to guide groups and help the committee where needed.

Read here, what every role entails during the weekend:

Mentor (mom or dad): You take a group of new freshmen under your wing, with whom you will experience the weekend together. They can ask you questions about the student life, studies and the university, and you will make sure that your group participates actively and pleasantly and has a very nice weekend. There are no requirements to be a mentor, only that you need to have a bike in Tilburg. Of course it is important that you are enthusiastic and participate in all activities yourself.

Manus: You are the assistant of the committee. The committee has made the preparations for the Introduction Weekend, and it is your job to assist them during the weekend. You will have a crucial role in the theme story, have to help set things up and clean up, and through this way you participate in making sure that the new freshmen have an unforgettable weekend. As a manus, it comes in very handy if you have your driver’s license for at least one year, therefore this is a requirement. Furthermore, you must like to get things done.

Cameraman (or woman of course): This legendary weekend cannot be forgotten, and therefore good videos and photos of the Introduction Weekend should not be missing! It comes in handy, if you already have some experience with filming and/or editing. You also have to radiate enthusiasm for Flow, and make sure it’s a wonderful weekend!

DJ: Music is essential for a fun weekend. As the DJ, you are responsible for the nice tunes that will be played throughout the weekend. It’s nice if you have some experience with this and maybe even have a DJ-set at home! Of course you have to radiate your enthusiasm for Flow and make sure it will be a wonderful weekend!

Does this appeal to you and would you like to apply as mentor, manus, DJ or cameraman? Then apply before the 15th of June! Participation in the Introduction Weekend as mentor, manus, DJ or cameraman will cost €20,- because of accommodation and food.


The registrations close on the 2nd of July, 23:59h.

The registrations are closed.