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This activity will be postponed. More information will follow soon.

Hopefully, you’ve all been good this year, because the Sintercantus is on its way! We will all celebrate together by honoring the great Dutch traditions like: singing Sinterklaas songs and writing funny poems. Of course, we also have to honor our own traditions and therefore we will celebrate with A LOT of beer. That is why we will host the Sintercantus on the 24th of November! The event will take place at Bet Kolen and will start at 20:00h and you are welcome half an hour before that. The theme of the cantus is, well you guessed it, Sinterklaas! You can honor this theme by sending in your most amazing stories about some of your co-flowers, which will inspire our IFAC Pietjes to write unforgettable poems. If it turns out that our big friend with the white beard appreciates your story, he might even bring you a present!

For the price of 22,50 euros, you will be able to drink an unlimited amount of beer for two and half hours. Registrations are limited, so hurry up and claim your spot for this amazing event. Flowmission points will be rewarded for those present. It is also still mandatory to show a valid QR code.

*Disclaimer: By not attending this amazing event you might risk being taken away to Spain in Sinterklaas’s burlap sack.


AO Warning: if you are uncomfortable with being called to the front during the cantus, you can let the Informal Activities Committee know through


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