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Due to the coronavirus regulations, this activity will be rescheduled.

Exams have been stressful, but now is the time to relax before the new semester begins! That is why Flow is organizing a movie afternoon for freshmen on the 26th of January, at Pathé! Here, we are going to watch the new movie: The King’s Man!

For this movie afternoon, Pathé offers you a nice package. In this package, you will get a snack, a soda of choice and the ticket for the movie. For all of this, you will pay €11,25. The registrations will open on the 12th of January from 12:00h, and will close on the 24th of January, 23.59h. As there is no specific time available, the starting time of the activity will be sent to you in an e-mail once you have registered.

In accordance with the current Covid-19 measures, please ensure you carry a valid CoronaCheck QR-code with you along with a valid ID. In addition, we ask you to be aware of the rules established by Pathé concerning COVID-19. See you then!

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