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From the 2nd until the 4th of September it is time for Flow’s Introduction weekend! This year’s theme is (#exciting) ‘Flow Around the World’! To be able to have an amazing weekend, we are searching for people that are able to help out the Introduction committee. We are searching for mentors, a Manus, a cameraman/woman and a DJ.

The roles can be explained as follows:

Mentor (mom/dad): As a mentor you are leading a group of first-years students to make their weekend even more amazing. The students are able to ask you questions about your experience as a student of Tilburg University, and you are willing to answer these questions of course. Furthermore, you will try to let your group of students actively participate in the activities that the Introduction committee has set up, or at least try to do so. It would be nice if you were to be in Tilburg and have a bicycle. Of course, it is also very important that you are open and enthusiastic about the full weekend!

Manus: As a Manus you will be the assistant of the committee. You will help the committee with different tasks that requires extra assistance. This indicates that you might be needed in setting up activities. You will play a crucial part to communicate the theme-story of the weekend. In addition, you are responsible to give the first-year students a weekend that will not be forgotten! We expect that the Manus is a person that likes to get things done. Although this is not a specific requirement, it would be nice if the Manus has a driver’s license B!

Cameraman/woman: We think it is important to relive this legendary Introduction weekend. Therefore, we are searching for people that are able to shoot the best pictures, and highlight the best videos so an aftermovie can be made. It would be nice if you have some experience in filming and/or editing. Of course, you are enthusiastic about Flow and this amazing weekend!

DJ: This weekend would not be complete without the best music. As a DJ you are responsible for playing the finest tunes throughout the weekend, making sure that people will go footloose. Any experience, either with a mixer or a simple laptop-USB set-up, would be very nice. As any other crewmember, you are of course super enthusiastic about Flow and this wonderful weekend!

Does any of the functions appeal to you? Please make sure to register before the 27th of May. Participation as either of the functions will cost you €20,-, because of the accommodation and food!


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