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Imagine an old man with a big white beard, who looks like a pastor that brings you gifts and candy, and travels all the way from Spain to the Netherlands by boat. See there comes the steamboat from Spain once again, he brings us… Beer! On Wednesday the 23rd of November at 20:00 it’s time for an amazing Sintercantus at De Vrienden van Tilburg. For €15,- you can enjoy unlimited beer and sing your heart out to the nostalgic Sinterklaas songs and of course the classic cantus hits. Like always: those who’ve been nice get sweets, those naughty a punish-chug. So don’t forget to nominate your friends and tell the IFAC exactly why they deserve some special attention this Sintercantus.


AO Warning: At this event the following will be used: loud music, bright lights, smoke machine and restricted entry and exit. If you are uncomfortable with being called to the front during the cantus, you can let the Informal Activities Committee know through

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