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We sit back while AI writes our SEO articles?

Everyone is hyped about the current AI developments where you can effortlessly create photolike images, generate chef-worthy menus, or write corny jokes. The opportunities seem limitless. At Indicia, they are looking at the next step: how can we use AI to generate revenue instead of just using it as a gimmick? The Flow Business Day at Indicia is a perfect opportunity for you to experience the practical implications of the paid openAI chatGPT API in their Seats and Sofas business case. Make sure to be there on March 15th from 14:00 until 17:00! You can register until March 14th at 12:00.

For their customer Seats and Sofas, Indicia is currently increasing organic findability through SEO texts. They will show you how we try to simplify and streamline this process by experimenting with deploying automated textual content through the openAI chatGPT API.

By using the API, Indicia trains their own model: they are feeding the model’s input to create responses that match the tone of voice of our customer. By giving feedback on the API’s output, the model learns and becomes more accurate with every iteration.

Questions they run into:
– Is the content produced of high enough quality to publish?
– Will Google penalize the AI texts?
– How do we build content, for example, via the Pillar page model with cross connections?
These real-life project insights from the different studies that are part of Flow complement and reinforce each other. During the workshop, we will brainstorm together to shape the project’s roadmap: what is the ideal way to optimize our model? What is the best way to use AI-generated content? And what other opportunities are there to explore besides textual content generation?

Hopefully, see you on the 15th of March!

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