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Are you a first-year Bachelor’s or Master’s student CSAI and do you find yourself turning to ChatGPT more and more often to find answers to your questions? Or are you simply interested in the use and possibilities of this powerful language model? Then Flow invites you to participate in our upcoming workshop, where you can learn all about the hotly debated language model, ChatGPT! The workshop will be held on March 23rd and will start at 14:45 on the campus of Tilburg University.

Our expert speaker, Chris van der Lee, will discuss technical issues, such as how ChatGPT seems to provide surprisingly strong answers and why it distinguishes itself from other chatbots. We will also discuss ethical issues, such as the impact of ChatGPT on our lives and the future of the academic world.

During the workshop, there will be time for discussion and opportunities to try out the information we discussed on ChatGPT. The lecture will therefore be interactive. This is a fun opportunity to learn all about ChatGPT. Don’t wait any longer, and register now to secure your spot!

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