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The term ‘authenticity’ has been considered synonymous with what is considered to be real and true. However, our comprehension of this truth has been altered over the years due to emerging technology as we readily rely on information provided to us by the internet. We’re quick to believe that our navigation app is giving us the fastest route to our destination, even though we’ve definitely been proven otherwise.

In an era where digitalization has impacted us as deeply as affecting our perception of what is truly real, the Symposium Committee invites you to join Study Association Flow’s annual Symposium: ‘Authenticity in the Digital Age’. With the help of three experienced speakers, the concept of how emerging technologies have changed our understanding of authenticity will be explored.

The Symposium will take place on the 24th of April at the Black Box Theater in the Esplanade building. The doors will open at 12:45, and we will start at 13:00, so please be on time. The Symposium will go on until approximately 15:30, after which there will be an optional drink at Grand Café Esplanade. Registrations are open until the 23rd of April at 23:59. We hope to see you there!

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