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Are you looking for a new challenge next to your studies? Then becoming a General Board member at Flow might be something for you! The General Board consists of the Daily Board and the commissioners, the chairs of Flow’s committees.

We are looking for a commissioner for the following committees:

  • Career Committee
  • Informal Activities Committee
  • InFlow Committee
  • Introduction Committee
  • Promotion Committee
  • Sports & Games Committee
  • Study Trip Committee
  • Web Committee
  • Weekend Committee

As a commissioner, you will assemble a committee and work towards your committee’s goal during the year. This could be organizing the Study Trip, organizing drinks, or creating a magazine. While doing so, you will gain professional skills and learn more about the ins and outs of the association. But above all, you will make great friends and experience an unforgettable year! Being a commissioner is a part-time position! Therefore, it is possible to combine it with your studies.

Do you want to know more about a committee? Check out the committee page on the website, contact a Daily Board member, or contact the current commissioner in the position you are interested in.


When you decide to apply for the General Board of Study Association Flow, you can do so by filling in the form on the right. The form will ask you to include your resumé and a motivation letter. You will then be invited for an interview with the Daily Board.


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