The members of Flow all know that Flow is the coolest study association you can imagine. But how can we make sure that organizations also know what Flow is? That’s what the Acquisition Committee is for! The Acquisition Committee tries to establish partnerships with new organizations and supports the other committees in finding sponsors for their events or, for example, for advertisements in the FlowZine.

As a member of the Acquisition Committee, you are busy with finding new companies and contacting those. The committee exists of two or three members and the Commissioner External Affairs. Good communicative skills are necessary, since you will want to convince potential partners to establish a collaboration with the study association. Companies can place advertisements in the FlowZine, become a sponsor for the yearly symposium or other events, join networking events where students and companies meet, offer workshops etc. Those partnerships are positive for the companies, for the students, and for Flow!

For questions or suggestions please e-mail to

Robbert Spaargaren, Anneloes Meijer (commissioner), Rebecca van Geel


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