On this page, you will find stories of students who did a minor at Tilburg University or at another university. These students speak about their experiences with different minors.

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Experiences with Minors

Tilburg University


Online Culture

The courses were very interesting, also because we were free to write a paper about a self-chosen subject. Because of that, I could develop myself and specialize in communication in a cultural context (and also a little bit…

Marketing Management

I liked these courses very much, but I wish I would have known better that some premaster courses are a lot more difficult than most of the CIS courses beforehand. For example, in order to switch to Marketing Management you have…

Human Resource Studies

As expected, the courses were very focused on getting the best out of employees and they ensured that I have gained more knowledge about the policy within organizations. Things were also looked at from a strategic…

Other universities

Management and Organizational Science, Utrecht University

I chose this minor, because I liked the master Communication, Policy and Management, but after further research this turned out to be a master for which you needed to do a premaster. I could do this premaster as a minor. It…

Health Communication, University of Groningen

The study and the city were very satisfying. I was lucky that in that semester there were very little registrations for the courses I wanted to do. Because of that, I was able to do all the courses I wanted to do and I wasn’t…

Mathematics & Computer Science, TU Eindhoven

Afterwards, I really liked it. The education at another university is really a totally different experience. The contact with the teachers is different in Eindhoven and all the courses were taught entirely in English. Of course, we have this…

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