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The following companies are a partner of Flow:


Scribbr checks your papers, reports and thesis for you! Next to this checking service, they also offer a plagiarism-check and an APA-check. Flow members get a €10,- discount. Want to know how? Click here.


We focus on strategy and communication. Deep purpose is our starting point from where we connect organizations to the present and prepare them for the future. Our professionals create long term value for organizations, their people and their surrounding area. We use an integrated approach that answers questions about positioning, digital transformation, social issues, reputation, communication, culture, alignment and performance. See for more information.


Achmea is an important financial supplier on the Dutch market. We insure about 10 million people living in the Netherlands for healthcare, damage and income. With what vision? How do we give our clients financial security? Our focus is on simple insurances, where we handle premiums with care. And if anything unexpected happens, we want the financial matters of our clients to be taken care of well. Together with Flow, we organize fun activities for the members of the association. Go to for more information!

Klein Café Van Horen Zeggen

Klein Café Van Horen Zeggen is the local pub of Study Association Flow, where the monthly drink takes place. The first Wednesday of every month, Flow organizes a drink, with a different theme each time. Flow also organizes other activities in Van Horen Zeggen, such as pub lectures or pubquizzes. For more information, visit


Brunel is a secondment agency specialized in project management, secondment and consultancy in finance, IT, and marketing. Brunel has organized multiple trainings in job interviews for the members of Flow. Because of this, several Flow’ers found their job! For more information about Brunel, see their website:

Theaters Tilburg

Theaters Tilburg consists of the theater, the concerthall and the studio. One cultural project with a wide range of performing arts. Theaters Tilburg is an open house to all residents of Tilburg and has a total offer that is ever surprising. The own program consists of over 350 shows. From musical to dance. From cabaret to classical music. Furthermore, Theaters Tilburg is home to many amateur groups. As a member of Flow, you are able to win two tickets to an amazing show each month. Take a look at for more information.

The Shortlist

The Shortlist is a new career platform which is focused on students as “talents”. On this platform students can discover what their ambitions are and what their strong and weak points are. Furthermore assessments can be done and serious games can be played. Everything is focused on the development of the talents. Recruiters and students can also meet on this platform. For more information, take a look at the website:

Tigerprint Textieldruk & Merchandise

Tigerprint is a supplier of printed textile and has been the market leader in full colour printing for almost 30 years. The textile printing company has an online webshop and two stores located in Tilburg and Breda. The reasonable prices (incl. student discount), an extensive range of clothing, top quality prints and good service make Tigerprint an ideal textile printer for many bands, clubs and companies. More information? Go to

Drukbedrijf is a printing office where you can order online printed materials. They print everything on everything. You can order your flyers there, as well as your brochures. On the website a lot of products are offered. Even if you cannot find what you are looking for, they can propably print it. In that case, you can contact them. Besides printing materials, they can also design the products for you and they can (almost) always deliver fastly.

Proef Proeverijen

Proef Proeverijen organizes a beer-tasting session for the members of Flow. With 4 years of experience in organizing tastings, they let their customers taste lots of beautiful beers and teach them about those burgundian products. Visit their website:


The book sale of Flow is made possible by Studystore. Thanks to Studystore, members of Flow receive up to 10% discount and free shipping when purchasing textbooks! You can find Studystore at, or at our book sale page!

De Vos en de Craen

De Vos en de Craen is a Burgundian beer and eatery in the heart of Tilburg! Come and taste one of the more than 160 different beers while enjoying a delicious bite from the extensive menu. Fancy some live music? Then you should be at De Vos and De Craen on Friday night! 


OnlineID is a full-service online marketing agency. Whether it’s email marketing, web design, social media, search engine advertising or search engine optimization, they’re here to help your business grow.

Flow works together with the following parties:

Kweek Communicatie

Kweek Communicatie is a communication company in Tilburg, runned by motivated CIS students. During our study program, we all gain knowledge about Web & Media and Language & Text, that we can use in practice. Kweek offers help for companies with writing content and SEO. For more information, visit


Tominc is the company behind the design of this website. The owner of TomInc is Tom van Altena, an alumnus of Flow.