Battle of the Committees

On the 21st of February the Battle of the Committees will take place again!

February Drink

It has been almost two months since the last drink, so it’s about time for the next one!


Op 11 januari zullen we gezellig met z’n allen gaan schaatsen op de Ireen Wüst ijsbaan bij Stappegoor.


It’s almost December: we’re ready for Christmas, holidays and snow, but not before Sinterklaas will pay a visit to Flow!

November Drink

Just because Halloween is over doesn’t mean we will get rid of all the creepy vibes.

October Drink

The academic year has started and that should be celebrated with the first drink of the year!

Flow’s Prom Night

On June 22nd, there will be a magical final party with the dresscode: Cocktail. During this Prom Night, Prom Kings and Queens will be elected and some free beer will be given. So be there!

Carnaval Mundial

The IFAC presents, on the 3th of May from 21.30h at Klein Café Van Horen Zeggen, the Carnaval Mundial Drink! During this international dressed party the candidate board 2017-2018 of Flow will be [...]


Join us on the 2th of May from 19.30h at the Flowdiner at Taverna De Griek! For only 10 euros you will get a delicious Greek meal and a (non-alcoholic) drink.

Pauper Party

It is time for the new monthly drink at Klein Van Horen Zeggen on the 19th of April. The theme this month will be Pauper Party.

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