The Promo Committee organizes both formal and informal events within Flow. These events are meant to create awareness about Flow itself among others. Twice a year, members can hand in their bikes which the committee will paint in bright yellow and blue colors at the Pimp your Bike event. Furthermore, we celebrate public holidays with the Flow’s Easter Egg Hunt event and distributing roses (anonymously) with Cupiflow on Valentines Day. Besides these events, we also organize formal activities such as an annual auction for 3FM Serious Request, handing out flyers and informing new CIS students about Flow and its purpose.

The list of activities organized by the Promo committee keeps growing with help of the enthusiastic members.

If you have any questions, ideas or remarks, do not hesitate to contact the committee by mailing to

Fabiënne Jansen, Jelle Peperzak, Marijke Fioole, Anouk Smit (board buddy), Janine Naus (commissioner), Alieke Bakker, Dore de Smidt, Robin Heijne

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