Flow is in many forms present on the internet. The most important one is this website. The Web Committee is responsible for the form, content and further developments of the website. One of their tasks is for example to develop the banners for the homepage. Besides that, the Web Committee is also responsible for the social media of Flow. We develop guidelines for the use of the different channels which we have as an association and execute the plans.

Being a communication student, we have a lot of knowledge on the field of social media, text and communication. Being a member of the Web Committee is a perfect opportunity to bring this knowledge into practice.

If you have any questions, ideas or remarks, you can always contact us via website@svflow.nl.


Kristel Kouwenberg, Ivo de Haan, Mathijs Leenheer, Bart Verduijn, Dirk Goosen (commissioner), Ramon Pieternella (board buddy), Lisa Neve, Thijs van der Weijden


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