The Crazy 15 is a special Lustrum competition between the committees of Flow. With the tasks
from the Crazy 15, points can be earned that will be added to the Flowmission. Every correctly
completed task is worth 1 point. Bonuspoints of 0,5 points can be awarded for e.g. creativity,
size or distance.

Click here to download the rules!

The 15 tasks:

1. Make a lipdub with your committee.

2. Chalk the Flow Lustrumlogo very big.

3. During daytime, take a picture with the entire Daily Board 2017-2018 of Flow.

4. Sing the Lustrumsong with 3 strangers.

5. Wear a completely blue and yellow outfit.

6. Go on a committee activity. Note: a committee meeting or Flowactivity does not count.

7. Take a picture while feeding an animal.

8. Bike as far as possible with your committee.

9. Take a committee picture with an optical illusion.

10. Sit on the couch in the Flow Office with your entire committee, together with the golden 15 balloons.

11. Learn a sentence in a different language of an international. Note: the international can not be an active member of Flow.

12. Create a nice promotionvideo for Flow and post it to Facebook.

13. Take Sheldon, the stuffed turtle of Flow, on an adventure.

14. Take a picture together with a member of the Lustrum committee without them noticing.

15. Visit one of Flow’s sisters.


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