Dear future CSAI and CIS freshmen!
It is great to hear that you chose to study Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence or Communication and Information Sciences next year. To make sure that your new adventure starts of amazing, Study Association Flow organizes an Introduction Weekend from Friday August 30th till Sunday September 1st. During this weekend you will get to know your fellow (future) students, students who already study CSAI or CIS, Flow and last by not least the student life. With this years’ theme, Flow’s Rumble in the Jungle, it is almost impossible to not fully enjoy the weekend. For only €35,- you can experience this exciting weekend of which many CSAI and CIS students wish they could do it once more. Do you want to be present these days? Then register quickly by filling in this form! At the end of the summer break you will receive an email from us in which you get more information about the activities and payment.

You are able to register for the Introduction Weekend until the 26th of August at 23:59.
You are able to de-register for the Introduction Weekend without having to pay until the 27th of August at 23:59.

If you have any questions regarding the Introduction Weekend, don’t hesitate to send a mail to Hopefully we will see you during the weekend!

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You can choose two snacks that will be provided at one of the dinners at the weekend:
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(For information: Kaassouflé, Kroket, Frikandel)

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