The Club van 50 was founded in 2012, when Flow celebrated its 10th birthday. The Club van 50 is a group of people that want to support Flow (i.a. alumni and friends of the association) by donating €50,- every year. In return they receive a prominent place on the board in the Flow office and a yearly drink with a meeting.

These are all the members:

Teun Vugts
Vice-chairman 2011-2012

Iskander de Lange
Chairman 2013-2014

Michael Langendoen
Commisioner of the Introduction Committee 2013-2014

Arnoud van Hulst
Biggest fan of Flow

Pieter Winnemuller
Vice-chairman 2013-2014

Yannick van den Hurk
Treasurer 2010-2011

Sebastiaan Brouwers
Commissioner Web Committee 2011-2012

Nick Tammel
Chairman 2012-2013

Barbara Verstappen
Secretary 2013-2014

Ghyslaine Krebbekx
Commissioner External Affairs 2013-2014

Sjors van der Heijden
Chairman 2014-2015

Yannick Maas
Vice Chairman 2014-2015

Vera van der Laan
Secretary 2014-2015

Yvonne Withagen
Treasurer 2014-2015

Karlijn van Hoek
Secretary 2009-2010

Dominique Roovers
Winner Flowmission 2015 (Web)

Dennis de Groot
Chairman 2015-2016

Donny Batenburg
Secretary 2015-2016

Arjen Traas
Treasurer 2015-2016

Evi van der Weegen
Commissioner External Affairs 2015-2016

Arnold van der Werff
DJ of Flow 2012-2017

Anne Kessels
Chairman 2016-2017

Suzan van Dijke
Secretary 2016-2017

Sara van der Boon
Treasurer 2016-2017

Stephanie Kruythof
Commissioner External Affairs 2016-2017

Nigel Korthout
DJ Larcho


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