After you registered for Flow, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from the Secretary. You still need to register in the webshop and App to be able to access all services of Flow.

  • Registering for Flow

    You can register for the association on our website.

  • Receive the confirmation for your registration

    You will receive a confirmation from the Secretary by e-mail.

  • Activating account webshop

    You will receive an e-mail with a code to activate your account on our website. Instructions on how to activate your account are on this page.

  • Activating the app

    You will receive a code for the app in another e-mail. Instructions on how to activate your account are on this page.

Activating your account on the website

If you are a member of Flow, you can download summaries for free and buy association clothes with a discount.

Mail activation code webshop

You have received an email from the Secretary with an activation code for the website. Please note: you will also receive a code to activate the App and you can’t use it to activate the website. The code consists of three times four characters, separated by a dash (xxxx-xxxx-xxxx). This is the code you will have to enter into the website.

Account aanmaken

You can create an account on the website by adding the digital membership to your shopping cart. This costs €15,- in the webshop, but becomes free the moment you use the coupon code.

Add the product to your cart by clicking on “Add to cart” and click on “Checkout” in your shopping cart to continue. At the top of the page, the webshop asks if you have a coupon code.

Screenshot of the webshop

Enter the code you received in the mail described above. If all goes well, €15,- will be removed from your shopping cart, so you can activate your account for free.

Fill in the details on the page below. As soon as you complete your purchase, your account on the website will also be created immediately. After this you can download all summaries for free and order clothes with a discount.

Activating the app

Flow also has an App! The app is called “S.A. Flow” and can be downloaded for iPhone and Android. In the app you can find a lot of information about the association and you can always have a look at the pictures. You can register in the app with a different code than the one for the website.

You will receive a code in a separate mail to activate the app. The code consists of five characters (xxxxx). Once you have downloaded the app, you can log in with your e-mail address and your activation code.

To whom should I go with my question?

Questions about the membership

Questions about your membership are best addressed to the Secretary. The Secretary’s email address is

Questions about the website and App

If you have a question about the website or the app, it’s best to ask the Internal Affairs. The e-mail address of the Internal Relations is

Send an e-mail to Flow

You can send an e-mail to Flow using this form. Go to the contact page to see all e-mail adresses.

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